Monday, November 21, 2011

Best of The Muppets part 1

I for one am so excited about the new muppet movie coming out on the 23rd. The muppets have been a staple of my childhood and now that I am an adult I still adore them and they still make me laugh! So I decided that I would countdown some of the best muppet moments in my humble opinion.
The first comes from Sesame street (as will several others) and a rare moment where Cookie Monster in an effort to help children not be so fat, rapped yes RAPPED  about healthy foods.....taste so gooood. 

 The Next again come from the sesame street gang, and it comes from Grover as a waiter accosting a poor restaurant goer. He shows off his "Waiter memory" with a nice insulting rhyme.

Follow me now back to sesame street as we watch this funny yet oddly disturbing (Kermit with teeth, creepy) clip with Grover and Kermit as Grover shares some helpful dental hygiene tips.

This clip is actually a music video done by "geek chic" rock band Weezer. What's cool about this video is that the muppets really weren't popular at this time, so to see them in a music video was fantastic!

Of course I had to throw this one in. Probably the most famous muppet clip ever and it doesn't even have any of the well known muppets in it, and not a single actual word is said in the entire song. WARNING this song will get stuck in your head for 2 to 8 weeks.

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