Monday, November 21, 2011

Best of The Muppets part 1

I for one am so excited about the new muppet movie coming out on the 23rd. The muppets have been a staple of my childhood and now that I am an adult I still adore them and they still make me laugh! So I decided that I would countdown some of the best muppet moments in my humble opinion.
The first comes from Sesame street (as will several others) and a rare moment where Cookie Monster in an effort to help children not be so fat, rapped yes RAPPED  about healthy foods.....taste so gooood. 

 The Next again come from the sesame street gang, and it comes from Grover as a waiter accosting a poor restaurant goer. He shows off his "Waiter memory" with a nice insulting rhyme.

Follow me now back to sesame street as we watch this funny yet oddly disturbing (Kermit with teeth, creepy) clip with Grover and Kermit as Grover shares some helpful dental hygiene tips.

This clip is actually a music video done by "geek chic" rock band Weezer. What's cool about this video is that the muppets really weren't popular at this time, so to see them in a music video was fantastic!

Of course I had to throw this one in. Probably the most famous muppet clip ever and it doesn't even have any of the well known muppets in it, and not a single actual word is said in the entire song. WARNING this song will get stuck in your head for 2 to 8 weeks.

George Clooney rumored to play Steve Jobs in new movie

In case you live in the 1960s or Amish you know that Steve Jobs succumbed to cancer on October 5th 2011. Then we were inundated with everything Jobs, including Books, TV specials, and perhaps a movie? Rumors have been swirling around about a possible Steve Jobs bio flick. Today we found out who is rumored to play Jobs, our favorite Hollywood sociable drunk George Clooney. And I for one totally dig this pick, I love George and have a huge man crush on him and I can picture George with a buzz haircut, glasses, and a black turtle neck. I hope this is true, I will be first in line to buy the iClooney.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The battling Whites

So because we have all just been on tinder hooks waiting and hoping for a new Snow White movie (yawn) we are going to get the chance to have out pick of two, yes unfortunately two, Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror. Snow White and the Huntsman stars Kristen Stewart (of that Twilight crap) and Chris Hemsworth (Of Thor awesomeness) and from what I can tell settles around the budding relationship of Snow White and the Huntsman that the Evil Qu....................................oh sorry fell asleep there for a sec. This movie suffers from what I like to call Twilightitis which basically means that they take established characters and make them young and hot and give it a modern retarded edge, it looks terrible.

Mirror Mirror (or Snow White #2) is basically the polar opposite. It stars Julia Roberts (Of giant mouth and vein fame) and Lily Collins (of I don't care fame) and takes Snow White on a different road, unfortunately that road is a comedy musical, doesn't that sound great?!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

America may have talent, Nick Cannon does not.

You may know Nick Cannon best as the host of America's Got Talent or as Mariah Carey's person that hangs out her sometimes, but did you know he is also a radio host? When not introducing a sword swallowing grandma or a nine year old magician on AGT Nick cannon hosts his own radio show on New York's 92.3 NOW FM. In an ill conceived radio bit Cannon said that he had tied 50 balloons to his co-host's pomeranian to see how high he could get it to float, well needless to say the hoax did not go over well. The radio station was inundated with calls not only from concerned listeners but from P.E.T.A as well. Apparently there were rumors of Cannon might be fired or might be arrested with which Cannon went on twitter saying "Seriously?" Yes Nick what did you think was going to happen? Bottom line radio sucks.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Movie releases for 11,11,11

November usually is pretty lack luster as far as movies go. December usually has the Oscar pushes, October is all about the fright films, November however usually gets lost in the holiday fray, with that said lets talk about what opened this week. With all my movie reviews I will be going from Hate to Great.

Okay lets start with this Crap fest. Adam Sandler's newest "movie" Jack and Jill. Let me start out by saying I have never liked Adam Sandler because he is a one note actor. Everything he does is exactly the same. Let me describe every Adam Sandler movie. Plays a nice guy that is under appreciated then something completely off the wall happens to him (He inherits a fortune, a remote control blah blah blah) He meets a girl that thinks he is such a nice guy but isn't interested, Rob Schneider cameo, there is a misunderstanding, everything works out. And this movie IS EXACTLY THE SAME. Sandler plays a guy named Jack who directs TV Commercials, he has a twin sister named Jill (played by him) who comes for the holidays and oh boy she is so off the wall and Jewish and oh look there is a homeless guy. 0 sponges, this movie sucks.
Next we have the newest oddly colored, shirtless sandal wearing men with swords movie that isn't 300, The Immortals. Staring Henry Caville the Immortals centers around a Greek peasant named Thesius who sees his mother murdered in front of him and is forced into slavery. He is able to escape and begins his journey of revenge. This movie sets out exactly what it tries to be, it's a stylized bloody mess with a lot of action and some great kills. This for sure isn't high art but I think it is satisfying and is exactly what you expect from this sort of film. I give it 2 sponges.
Next we have the newest movie from director Clint Eastwood. J Edgar stars Leo Dicaprio (or L Caps as I call him) as J. Edgar Hoover in this bio pic about the out spoken creator of the FBI. This movie follows the rise of the FBI as told by J. Edgar himself to several agents he has hired to write his life, it leaves you wondering how accurate the story was as J. Edgar had the tendency to exaggerate the truth to make himself look better. Leo as Hoover is fantastic you can tell how much he researched the character and how passionate he was about getting him right. Unfortunately it doesn't seem anyone else in the movie did the same. With a great story with some mediocre make up to make the actors look old, J Edgar is okay at best, see it for Leo. 2 sponges.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to the very first Blog post of......get ready for it........THE POP CULTURE SPONGE! Why would I use such a title? Because that's what I am, I love pop culture! Because It's what we are and who we are as a society. And you can follow society by following what things in are civilization are the norm, and what we have accepted as a culture as a whole. Be it politics, movies, video games, TV, internet fads, celeb news, whatever people are talking about you will find it here! That is my promise to you.